What is Scoliosis management?

What is Scoliosis management?
Although there are no known cure for scoliosis, the symptoms and the severity of the condition can be managed best by a team of professionals. First, scoliosis should be monitored by observation; making sure the angle of deviation is stable. Chiropractor, massage therapists and physical therapists can work together to maintain the angle and provide a better quality of life. Second, bracing can be used to control the angle of deviation. Third, Orthopedic surgeons or Neurosurgeons may decide to intervene if necessary. 

Q: Do you need to wear scoliotic brace if you have scoliosis?
A: Not necessarily, it depends on the severity of the scoliosis.

Q: Which area of the spine can the scoliosis affect?
A: All areas; cervical, thoracic, or lumbar

Q: Visually what characterizes a scoliosis?
A: The presence of a gibbosity, and an unevenness of the scapulas