About us

About us 

Following almost 30 years of success under the direction of Dr. Benoît Lagacé, Chiropractor, Dr. Levon Karahkash, Chiropractor acquired Complexe Chiropratique St-Maxime in 2018. 

Dr. Karahkash’s forward-thinking approach has successfully led to the modernization of the clinic under the new name of Unici Santé.

Unici Santé is a multidisciplinary clinic providing the highest quality level of care, professionalism and commitment to the overall health and wellness of our patients. 

Why Choose Unici Santé  

Patients who visit Unici Santé are generally experiencing physical pain or some kind of discomfort. They enter the wellness centre in hopes of a solution that will ultimately help improve their quality of life and physical condition. Our team of health professionals ensures the patient’s needs are heard and takes the time to educate the patient about how a specific treatment will solve his or her issue. Clear objectives are set with the patient at the very beginning of the process so that both the patient and the practitioners may work together efficiently towards a long-term solution.

Unici Santé’s patient-focused approach, and the wide range of wellness solutions offered within our centre, allow us to tap into numerous professional resources that will ultimately benefit our patients’ health goals.

Our Mission   

Unici Santé’s mission is to offer a comprehensive approach to health. Its team of experienced practitioners aims to provide personalized solutions by always keeping the patient’s individual well-being at the forefront of all decisions.

Our Core Values

Unici Santé’s commitment to excellence is based on 3 core values, considered essential in working towards the best possible outcomes for patients.

Educate the patient with an in-depth analysis of the recommended treatments he or she will be receiving as well as inform the patient about expected outcomes.

Commitment to excellence during every step of the process. From the moment the patient decides to reserve the first appointment to the patient follow-up after treatments have ended, Unici Santé’s personalized approach always focuses on the patient’s optimal quality of life.

A preventative approach to treatment is essential in ensuring the patient’s future health outcomes. Unici Santé implements proactive techniques to decrease the likelihood of setbacks, with particular emphasis on guided self-care through exercise and nutrition.