Nutrition and Dietetic Service

Nutrition and Dietetic Services  
Our team of professionals take a personal approach to advising patients on matters of food and general nutrition, which may impact quality of life. As nutrition plays an essential role in numerous important health issues, we work with patients in establishing long-term goals with the aim of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Unici Santé’s focus is on empowering patients in knowingly making better choices for themselves. Our services are tailored to each individual’s personal needs, including lifestyle choices and health needs.

We can assist patients in various aspects of their health journey, as well as offer advice on drug-free options to help both reduce and maintain optimal weight and health.

We provide support with:  

· Meal planning and preparations

· Developing a diet and excise plan

· Regular meetings and tracking a patient’s progress

· Helping to improve eating habits of individuals with complex health issues

· Food planning for individuals with health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, allergies, and obesity

· Educating and advising on complex nutritional requirements

· Assessing overall health including sleeping habits

· Collaborating with, and referring patients to other professionals in the clinic for a multi-disciplinary approach