What is Knee rehabilitation?

What is Knee rehabilitation?
The protocol for knee rehabilitation has 2 objectives. First: prevention of muscle weakness surrounding the knee joint. Second: diminishing the load on the knee joint. Stronger muscles result in fewer problems with the joint and thus a stronger knee and more control. Weaker muscles result in more problems with the joint because of the lack of strength and support and less support.

Q: How many bones make up the knee join?  
A: Four; the patella, the femur, the tibia, and the fibula

Q: What is the name of the bony protuberance on your knee?
A: It is called the patella

Q: What are the most common injuries related to the knee?
A: Fractures, dislocations, sprains, and tearing of ligaments

Q: How many ligaments are there in the knee joint?

Q: Can a chiropractor help with a pain related to the fibula?
A: Yes, sometimes the fibula head can be sublimated. A chiropractor can adjusting the fibula and reduce the pain.

Q: What is the jumpers knee?
A: Also known as patellar tendinitis, it is characterized by an inflammation in the patellar tendon an can create a bony spur at the attachment of that same tendon.