What is Ankle rehabilitation?

What is Ankle rehabilitation?
The protocol for ankle rehabilitation has 3 steps to insure complete recovery and prevention. First, you can start weight bearing for it is very important in the healing process. You can do so by using your body weight or crutches if needed, make sure that you can handle the pain. Second, range of motion exercises are crucial in the first 72 hours prior to the injury. Third, examples of exercises: stretching, strengthening, balance. You can do them progressively over the next several weeks to months. 

Q: How many bones are involved in the ankle joint?
A: 3, the tibia, the fibula, and the talus

Q: What is the most common injury related to the ankle joint?
A: The ankle sprain; it can be du to an inversion or eversion of the ankle.

Q: How may degrees of an ankle sprains are there?
A: three; grade I, grade II, or grade II