What is Sports medicine?

What is Sports medicine?
Sports medicine is a branch of medicine focused on physical fitness, prevention and treatment of conditions or injuries pertaining to sports, physical activity and exercise. This field of practice is usually geared towards athletes or the physically active population.

Q: Are sport chiropractors part of the sport medicine team?
A: Yes, sport chiropractors can choose to be part of the sport medicine team for an event. Many have been to he olympics to accompany their athletes.

Q: Do chiropractic doctors need to specialize in sports chiropractic?
A: Yes, they do. In Quebec the association is called the Conseil Chiropratique des sciences du sport du Québec - CCSSQ

Q: Where can chiropractors specialize in this field?
A: They can do the certification either at the CMCC in Toronto or at the UQTR in Trois-Rivières.