What is functional neurology?

What is functional neurology? 
Functional neurology is a branch of neurology based on neuroplasticity. It includes very specific therapies designed to enhance the performance of your nervous system and especially your brain. Patients suffering from the most unique neurological conditions can often find relief thanks to this unique approach. It allows the strengthening of your nervous system by enhancing the function of already existing neural pathways, and it allows the creation of new ones. 

Q: Is the nervous system and important part of the chiropractor’s education?
A: Yes, the spine being in close proximity to the spinal cord it becomes fundamental for the chiropractor to understand how both interact together in order to provide the best care possible. 

Q: Do chiropractors provide treatments that can affect the nervous system?
A: a chiropractor with a background in functional neurology, can provide excellent care concerning complex conditions affecting the nervous system.