What is cervical spinal manipulation?

What is cervical spinal manipulation? 
Also known as spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), it is a combination of: moving a joint, massage, exercise, and different physical therapies targeted to the neck. The objective is to restore proper function, proper range of motion, reduce pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function. It can be used to treat pain in the following areas: back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and lower back.

Q: Is my neck an area I should get treated? 
A: Only If the health professional diagnoses you and determines that a cervical spinal adjustment is needed. You are in safe hands, as professionals such as chiropractors are trained for this technique.

Q: Are cervical spinal manipulations painful?
A: There is no pain involved for the patient when a spinal manipulation is performed correctly.

Q: Are cervical spinal manipulations dangerous?
A: Cervical spinal manipulations are not dangerous provided that they are performed by a trained and licensed professional.