What are sports injuries?

What are sports injuries?
Sprains & strains are the most common of the sport injuries. A sprain involves a tearing or an overstretching of a ligament. A strain involves a tearing or an overstretching of muscle or a tendon. Examples of sports injuries are: Achilles tendon rupture, dislocation of a joint, fracture of a bone, a rotator cuff injury, knee injuries.  

Q: Are sports injuries easy to avoid? 
A: Sports injuries such as sprains & strains, amongst others, are very common. The best way to minimize the risk is to make sure that a stretching and a warm up routine is implemented.

Q: Can chiropractors treat sport injuries?
A: Yes, many think that chiropractors are limited to spinal injuries. However, treating sport injuries affecting the upper & lower limbs are under the scope of practice of a chiropractor.

Q: Can chiropractors specialize in treating sport injuries?
A: Yes, chiropractors can opt to continue post-doc studies in sports chiropractic.