Dr.Levon Karahkash, Chiropractor

To book an appointment : 450-682-5383 or info@unicisante.com 

Following almost 30 years of success under the direction of Dr. Benoît Lagacé, Chiropractor, Dr. Levon Karahkash, Chiropractor acquired Complexe Chiropratique St-Maxime in 2018.  Dr. Karahkash’s forward-thinking approach has successfully led to the modernization of the clinic under the new name of Unici Santé. 

Dr. Karahkash is passionate about his role as owner and in-house Chiropractor of the newly branded centre. Having received his Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University in 2010, he later went on obtain a Doctorate in Chiropractic at the Univeristé du Québec à Trois-Rivières in 2015. He is as member of the (OCQ) Order des Chiropracticiens du Québec, the (ACQ) Associations des Chiropracticiens du Québec, as well as a member of the (AMAQ), the Armenian Medical Association of Québec.

Dr. Karahkash is an esteemed member of the Montreal Armenian community and enjoys making appearances on the local Armenian community radio station, in addition to participating in talks and conferences on the subjects of health and the benefits of chiropractic treatments. His primary motivation is to be able to provide the highest standards of chiropractic care within the community. As a thoughtful and engaged leader at Union Santé he is proud to be part of a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide solutions to different conditions encountered at the clinic. His focus is to continue providing an increasing number of wellness solutions under one roof.

Recently, Dr. Karahkash has noticed an increasing number of young professionals requiring Chiropractic services due to a sedentary office lifestyle. In light of this, part of his mission is also to provide tips and tricks for a preventative approach to muscle and joint issues, as well as helping patients find ways to make their office space more functional and efficient as they are seated at their desks.

Over the years Dr. Karahkash has developed a far-reaching network in the health sector. This allows him to connect each patient with the right healthcare professionals when needed. 

He believes that listening attentively to the needs of each patient is the first step to an important partnership in any healing process. As confirmation of his professionalism and dedication to the field, he was recognized with the Rising Star- Horizons Chiropratique Award in 2017.